The Reynolds family has been visiting the Manistee area most of their lives until they recently became full-time residents of Manistee, in 2015. They have a passion for outdoor adventures and wanted to bring those services to the residents and visitors in the area.


lead adventurer


Dan is a carpenter & project manager by trade, and an adventurer whenever time allows. 

From a young age, Dan has always been active in the outdoors. No matter where Dan is, he is always looking for what adventure the area has to offer. From paddling down the river, to backpacking the North Country Trail, paddling on Lake Michigan or biking forest trails, Dan loves it all. At the helm of the company, Dan hopes to lead the team in providing the best suited adventure for each individual, along with an experience that will never be forgotten. 

I look forward to helping you on your next adventure and seeing you out in the water or on the trail”.



adventure consultant



adventure consultant


HI, I’m Annie.

I love horses, crafts (especially making beach glass necklaces), and being outside. My favorite things to do outside are horseback riding, backpacking or hiking; and floating down the Manistee river in a kayak or stand up paddle board. I especially love SUPs because you have the freedom to stand, sit, kneel, lay down, or even swim! I enjoy backpacking because it is exciting, beautiful, and there is a sense of accomplishment when you are finished. I love admiring the beauty of God’s creation and going on outdoor adventures because they are exciting and unpredictable.

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure. -William Feather




Dyllan is an engineer by trade, he enjoys getting out and enjoying the area during his nights and weekends. A year-round rider, Dyllan can show you around Big M, Arcadia’s St. Pierre Trail, and some breathtaking road bike routes to name a few. 

Dyllan got into mountain biking while at school at Michigan Tech and was fortunate enough to spend two years learning the ropes in Houghton and Copper Harbor. Since then he has ridden many trails in Michigan and around the Midwest. 

“New rider? Unsure of what route to take? Afraid of bears? I’ve been there! We’ll ride to your pace and skill level to make sure you enjoy your experience and want to come back, I’ve got your back if you get a flat or have some minor mechanical issues on the trail!”

Dyllan enjoys paddling and fishing the local waters. He believes an overnight canoe trip is a great way to combine the adventure of a backpacking trip with the leisure of a river float. 

“From the quick winding sections below Hodenpyl or Tippy dam, to the slow meandering sections leading to Manistee Lake. The Manistee Rivers truly have something for everyone to enjoy.”


adventure consultant - store


Lyndsey is a 2020 graduate from Manistee High School who grew up in our very own Manistee, Michigan, and will be attending Grand Valley State University in the fall. Lyndsey’s favorite season is the summer months because that is the time when everyone is happy and has a smile on their face. She loves the outdoors and enjoys socializing with people from all different places. She grew up minutes from the water and has plentiful experience in tubing, kayaking, biking, and paddling. Lyndsey mostly enjoys off the shore paddling and kayaking down the local rivers.

Visiting Manistee and want to explore our resources, but don’t have the equipment? I can gladly help you out with that and reserve the perfect trip for your family and friends!

Lyndsey is excited to greet you and help you to reserve the desired trip you deserve! She can help complete your trip by assisting you in purchasing the perfect merchandise in our very own store so you can simply say “been there, done that” with a smile on your face!


adventure consultant - store


Lily is a 2020 graduate from Manistee High School. She is headed to Davenport University in the fall to study Digital Marketing. Her favorite place to be is Manistee during the summer months. Not only does it bring the best weather, but it brings out the best in all of us!

Lily enjoys spending her time outdoors exploring, hiking, biking, and "hammocking" with her family and friends. Lily has grown up visiting her cottage on Sand Lake. She believes the best pastime can be spent out on the lake in a boat. With this she has taken on the skills of waterskiing and kneeboarding.

Unsure of how you can make the best out of your visit to Manistee? Let me help direct you and reserve the trip of a lifetime!

Lily cannot wait to meet you and give you the best experience our small town can offer! She will kindly guide you and your family and friends to the perfect trip and help you with anything else along the way!